Autumn Coronation


Witness the pageantry of Lochac’s Autumn Coronation, hosted the the Shire of Bordescros!

Bordescros invites the populace of Lochac to join them and witness the coronation of our next King and Queen in Beechworth, Victoria.   This is the perfect location to enjoy all the splendors of the foothills of the Australian Alps in a truly historic setting.

When: 7 May 2022 from 9am until 11:30pm

Where: RSL Memorial Hall, 101 Ford Street, Beechworth Victoria

In keeping with the event, the theme is a 14th Century European autumn hunting trip.  The feast will feature the tasty delights of this wonderful region.

Accommodation will be offsite in Beechworth, Wodonga or surrounding areas.


Preschool age free.

Non-member Adults extra $10

Non-member children extra $5

Prior to 27th of April

Adult full event $70

School Age $30

Day no feast  $40

Feast Only $45

After 27th of April 

All bookings requests must be made via email to our Bookings Officer