Proposed Program

Times have  been scheduled to hold the various Peerage meetings.  If these are not required, it would free up time for other activities.

9.00 am           Site opens

10.00 am         A&S entries open

11.00 am         Final Court of out-going Crown

11.30 am         Divestiture Ceremony

12.00  pm       Lunch

1.30 pm          Coronation/ County/Duchy for out-going Crown

2.00 pm           Pelican’s Meeting

2.30 pm           Queen’s Tournament (tbc)

3.00 pm           Laurel’s Meeting

4.00 pm           Masters of Defence Meeting

5.00 pm           A&S judging completed

5.30 pm           Chivalry Meeting

7.00 pm          Feast opens

8.00 pm          First Court of the new Crown

11.30 pm         Venue closes